Bathroom design, The Gap

fit an ensuite bathroom into a large wardrobe
Creative solution: retain large functional wardrobe
Use hallway space, old main bathroom and separate long narrow toilet to create a
Large glamorous ensuite
Transform large laundry into a modern main bathroom with large hidden European
Result: eliminate long dark hallway and four doors into two doors opening onto a
Clean modern space

Bathroom with Green Feature Wall
Brief: An old house with existing jade green carpet needed a bathroom renovation
Creative solution: follow through the jade green colour to blend the old with the
New to create a flow but the result was a stunning fresh feature wall. The new vanity
Has soft green glass doors which follow the same theme. Practical fossil stone flooring
Hides everything, always looking modern and clean.
Result: extra storage, improved extra lighting, practical flooring, relocation of toilet and
Shower for creation of larger shower and better flow